“Remembrance of Phone Numbers Past”

Part of the 9th annual Art in Odd Places festival
Curated by Radhika Subramaniam
Founder/Director, Ed Woodham
Remembrance of Phone Numbers Past
Photo: Paul Takeuchi.
Wig and Costume Stylist: Ramona Ponce
Sound Technician: Eva von Schweinitz

LuLu LoLo: Telephone Operator Loretta, circa 1940, will attempt to connect passers-by to the earliest phone number they remember and invite them to leave a message to the past that will be posted on the blog ”Remembrance of Phone Numbers Past”.

Coming soon:  listen to the “Messages to the Past” recorded on 14th Street by telephone operator Loretta.

In the comments section below:

Describe your own earliest telephone memory,

If  you could call that person what would you say to them?

Leave a message to the past.


Opening Reception: Friday, October 11, 6-8pm, Pedro Albizu Campos Plaza, 14th Street between Avenues B and C
Saturday, October 12 from 1-5 pm, 14th Street between Sixth and Eighth Avenues
Tuesday, October 15 from 4-6 pm, on the Southwest corner of Union Square at 14th Street and University Place
Saturday, October 19 from 1-5 pm, 14th Street between Avenue A and Second Avenue